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ams acquires NXP's advanced CMOS sensor business

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8 years ago

ams acquires NXP's advanced CMOS sensor business

Austrian sensor and analogue specialist ams has announced that it has acquired the CMOS Sensor Business from NXP Semiconductors. The move expands ams' environmental sensor portfolio with advanced monolithic and integrated devices to measure variables such as relative humidity, pressure and temperature.

"With the acquisition, we have expanded the capabilities and improved the offerings of our sensors," Said Peter Gasteiner, general manager of ams' sensors and sensor interfaces division. "The move, especially the IP element, compliments our roadmap."

The enlarged portfolio is anticipated to bring opportunities in smart phones, wearables, and other mobile devices as well as for smart buildings and the industrial, medical and automotive markets. The smart sensor systems will combine intelligence, wired and wireless interfaces, and advanced power management to reduce energy costs, and provide additional safety and security.

Gasteiner noted the acquisition will help ams to achieve its target of integrating three or four sensors into one package. "By combining temperature, humidity and pressure sensors onto one chip you effectively have a whole weather centre which can be scaled down onto a mobile phone," he said. "The sensors could also be used to contribute to a more efficient use of air conditioning and ventilation systems in industrial applications."

The sensors are said to feature reduced package size, complexity and cost while offering low power consumption and high performance with a best-in-class analogue front end.

According to Gasteiner, the deal also sees ams acquire broader knowledge of how to make sensors. "NXP's devices need open cavity packages," he said. "We have acquired expertise in this area and will be able to apply it to our existing products."

Pic: Peter Gasteiner, general manager of ams' sensors and sensor interfaces division

Tom Austin-Morgan


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