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ESD selection feature added to online design tool

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8 years ago

ESD selection feature added to online design tool

Circuit protection specialist Littelfuse has added an ESD option to its iDesign online simulation and product selection tool. Introduced in 2014 to assist in fuse selection, iDesign now helps circuit designers to select the best TVS Diode Arrays for their application.

Users of the ESD selection tool enter parameters on the system settings and device settings pages, after which they can select up to three devices from a shortlist on the device selection page. An analysis page runs simulations that compare the system ESD levels of the selected devices, identifying which one can offer the most robust performance for the application, as well as each part's 'best case' performance.

Chad Marak, director of semiconductor business development, said: "Selecting the right ESD protection components and verifying their performance used to be an expensive, time consuming and often incomplete process because the protection device was not considered in relation to the device it was protecting. The ESD tool eliminates searching through datasheets for parametric information or incompatible simulation files because it can access our TVS diode array product database, perform the calculations and simulate device performance automatically."

Marak said the database had been created independently, with Pragma Design building simulation models from measurements captured by Barth Electronics.

Once the best device has been selected, users can download the datasheet and save the analysis page as a PDF. A further option is to order a sample or to buy from distributor's websites.

Graham Pitcher


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