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16 years ago

Load Switches

Fairchild Semiconductor’s FPF214X and FPF216X series of IntelliMAX load switches feature full system protection for applications operating between 1.8V and 5.5V. Available in a 2mm x 2mm green-compliant MicroFET MLP package, this series offers 45 percent enhanced thermal performance compared to traditional SOT-23 packages. These load switches integrating a 0.11Ohm current-limited P-channel MOSFET with protection and control features, including thermal shutdown, controlled turn-on, reverse-current blocking and under-voltage lockout (UVLO).


These products utilize lead-free (Pb-free) terminals and have been characterized for moisture sensitivity in accordance with the Pb-free reflow requirements of the joint IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-020.

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