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15 years ago

Low power and small FPGAs

Actel introduced nano versions of its IGLOO and ProASIC3 FPGAs, targeted at the high-volume, portable consumer market. Actel takes power consumption down to as low as 2 microwatts (2 µW), and package size to as small as 3x3mm. IGLOO nano FPGAs range in densities from 10k to 250k system gates. These devices support 1.2V to 1.5V core and I/O operation, ultra-low-power Flash*Freeze mode with bus hold capability, as well as advanced I/O features, such as hot swapping and Schmitt trigger inputs. The company is enhancing its standard commercial ambient operating temperatures, offering new ranges for IGLOO nano FPGAs from -20°C to +70°C.

 Both IGLOO nano and ProASIC3 nano FPGAs, in densities of 60k, 125k and 250k gates, are immediately available in volume with zero lead times. Additional densities will be available in volume in early 2009. Customers also have immediate access to known good die. In high volume, pricing for the 10k-gate A3PN010 starts at $0.69 in a QNG48 package and $0.49 in known good die. Actel will offer over 50 product variants under $1 for high-volume applications.

 Tool Support

Support for IGLOO and ProASIC3 nano FPGAs is available now in Actel’s Libero Integrated Design Environment (IDE) v8.4. This power-optimized development environment enables power-driven layout, battery estimation and advanced power analysis. For immediate prototyping and programming, designers can leverage the Actel IGLOO Icicle Kit immediately available for $99. The 1.4” x 3.6” kit features ultra low-power attributes, flexible implementation options and battery-saving advantages of the company’s standard low-power IGLOO FPGA for portable applications. The kit also enables designers to program, evaluate and modify their IGLOO-based portable designs.

In November, Actel plans to offer a low-cost nano starter kit, priced at $49.95 and fitted with an IGLOO AGLN250 in a VQG100 package. With multiple voltage levels provided, this board allows quick prototyping and access to all I/O pins and can demonstrate Flash*Freeze mode control and enable battery operation.

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