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2.8-inch LTPS TFT LCD with VGA resolution

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16 years ago

2.8-inch LTPS TFT LCD with VGA resolution

Anders Electronics brings VGA resolution to applications requiring ultra-small display sizes, by adding TPO’s latest module, the 2.8-inch TD028TTED2 TFT LCD with 480 x 640 pixels resolution to its established range of LTPS TFT displays. This transflective TFT-LCD module from TPO features LTPS technology to deliver superior image brightness and clarity. In addition, an integrated 4-wire resistive touchscreen increases flexibility to design advanced human-machine interfaces for a wide range of mobile, data and consumer devices, including next-generation personal media players and handheld imaging equipment.


The module has a wide operating temperature range of –20°C to +60°C. Its transflectivity makes the display suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The module’s tiny size combined with a high resolution make it particularly suitable for high-end medical and industrial applications where high definition is imperative. Using COG (Chip On Glass) technology, the TD028TTED2 integrates power supply circuitry with the LCD control electronics. It only requires a single supply voltage. Thanks to its LTPS (low temperature poly-silicon) construction, the TD028TTED2 consumes 55mW and its white LED backlight typically consumes 360mW with a forward current of 20mA.


 The 2.8-inch TFT provides a active area measuring 43.2mm x 57.6mm, a brightness of 250cd/m2, and a contrast ratio of 300:1, with viewing angles of 55° x 55° vertically and 55° x 50° horizontally.

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