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ADC for automotive radar applications

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15 years ago

ADC for automotive radar applications

Avnet Memec introduces the MAX11043 quad, 16-bit, simultaneous-sampling ADC for sensor applications from Maxim Integrated Products. Designed for continuous-wave (CW) chirp radar systems, this device provides a complete solution for conditioning and digitizing the IF signals from a 24GHz or 77GHz radar front-end for a DSP or microprocessor. The device integrates four discrete analog filters; four high-precision, simultaneous-sampling ADCs; and a 12-bit control DAC into a small, 6mm x 6mm package. The MAX11043's integration makes it ideal for automotive radar applications, industrial control applications that use radar signals for level sensing or flow-rate measurements, power-grid monitoring, and other applications that require simultaneous sampling. To maximize flexibility, the MAX11043 contains a versatile filter block and PGA on each of its four channels.

 The filter consists of seven cascaded 2nd-order programmable filter sections, allowing the construction of a 14th-order filter. Each 2nd-order filter is configurable as lowpass, highpass, or bandpass with optional rectification. Each PGA is programmable for a gain of 1 to 64 and includes an equalizer function to provide gain-versus-frequency characteristics for CW chirp radar. The signal path of each ADC can be customized and configured individually for optimal flexibility. Other features include an internal or external reference, power-saving modes, and a two-stage, 12-bit DAC. The integrated DAC provides the VCO control voltage to the RF mixer in the radar front-end. With its adjustable DAC output range, this control voltage can be matched to the VCO's input-voltage range. Additionally, scan mode allows the ADC's results to be read while simultaneously updating the DAC to increase communications efficiency.

 The MAX11043 operates from a 3.0V to 3.6V supply. It is available in a space-saving, 6mm x 6mm, 40-pin TQFN package and is fully specified over the -40°C to +125°C automotive temperature range.

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