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Most accurate tyre pressure monitoring system launched for trucks

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8 years ago

Most accurate tyre pressure monitoring system launched for trucks

Freescale has added the wireless FXTH8715 family to its tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) portfolio. The device is said to come in the industry's smallest fully integrated package and to provide the highest pressure accuracy for trucks and other large vehicles.

The system integrates a dual axis accelerometer, motion sensor, a 315/434 MHz RF transmitter, a 125kHz receiver, pressure and temperature sensor and an 8bit MCU in a 7 x 7mm package. Onboard intelligence is said to enable the collection and transmission of sensor data, including pressure, temperature and acceleration. Using this data, fleet owners can use analytics to improve maintenance.

Pressure accuracy is said to be ±17kPa while the device can measure pressures in the range from 100 to 1500kPa (215 psi).

"Highly accurate tyre pressure sensing solutions capable of communicating wirelessly offer tremendous advantages in terms of driver safety, fuel efficiency, reliability, tyre wear and advance warning prognostication for trucks and heavy vehicles," said Babak Taheri, general manager of Freescale's Sensor Solutions Division. "The FXTH8715 family takes tyre pressure monitoring to new levels by capturing and transmitting valuable sensor data that helps fleet managers not only monitor tyre pressure, but also track driving behaviour and optimise predictive maintenance."

Graham Pitcher


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