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Surface mount PPS film capacitors

Electronics News
15 years ago

Surface mount PPS film capacitors

NIC Components has introduced a family of film chip capacitors that offer stable characteristics over a wide operating temperature range. The NSMX series of wound, metalized Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) film capacitors is dedicated for use in applications that require low absorption characteristics such as voice or datacom circuitry. They are also suited to use in power supplies requiring low loss parameters or where piezoelectric problems may be experienced such as in telecom supplies or LCD backlighting inverters.

The NSMX series is rated at 100VDC and is available with capacitance values ranging from 0.01µF to 0.22µF. Operating temperature range is -40ºC to +125ºC (derating above +105ºC). The stability over temperature and frequency performance of the NSMX series coupled with voltage bias and dielectric absorption makes them an excellent alternative to other dielectrics such as MLCCs. The NSMX series is RoHS compliant and fully compatible with the latest SAC reflow soldering processes (+260ºC) and features 100% tin (Sn) over Nickel (Ni) over alloy base terminations. Compact dimensions allow inclusion in applications where PCB real estate is restricted. Overall dimensions range from 5.7mm (L) x 4.5mm (W) x 2.2mm (H) to 10.2mm (L) x 7.2mm (W) x 3.1mm (H). Parts are supplied on tape and reel packaging for use with automatic pick-and-place equipment.

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