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Power supply start up claims 'technology breakthrough'

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9 years ago

Power supply start up claims 'technology breakthrough'

According to newly launched company Semitrex, it typically takes more than 14 different parts to make a power supply. It believes this 'pieces and parts' approach – where numerous semiconductor parts are embedded on several circuit boards – has yielded only marginal increases in energy efficiency to date.

In a move which it says disrupts the existing dynamic, Semitrex has incorporated almost every part necessary to make a power supply for circuits or chargers into one module.

"Everyone is looking for better energy efficiency," noted Michael Freeman, Semitrex' CEO and CTO. "Our muxcapacitor cascading technology uses capacitive, rather than inductive, conversions for the primary voltage reduction. This permits us to create the first comprehensive power conversion breakthrough the industry has seen in decades, which produces the highest energy efficiencies and the lowest standby power draws.

"Our TRONIUM power supply system on a chip requires less than 1mW of standby power to stay ready to respond to the next current demand."

Designed around an ASIC, TRONIUM is a multichip module whose output can be set between 1.8V and 48V. According to Semitrex, it uses an approach called Capacitive Voltage Reduction to produce efficiencies of more than 90% at all loads.

Graham Pitcher


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