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Simplify wearables design with Maxim’s MCUs

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7 years ago

Simplify wearables design with Maxim’s MCUs

Designers can now develop high performance fitness and medical wearable devices with enhanced functionality – according to Maxim Integrated Products – by using the MAX32630 and MAX32631 ARM Cortex-M4F microcontrollers.

“The combination of ultra low power, high performance, and small footprint of the MAX32630 and MAX32631 offers designers a robust solution that has been architected for wearable medical and fitness products,” said Prem Nayar, director, medical and wearables micros.

The devices’ power management is said to maximise run time and provide the lowest energy consumption of active, direct memory access, and retention sleep modes, respectively using 127µW/MHz, 32µW/MHz and 3.5µW. The MCUs are claimed to offer 2MB of flash, 512KB SRAM of data and 8KB of cache memory – which facilitates running third-party applications and logging sensor data.

Interfaces count SPI, SPI XIP, UART, I²C, 1-Wire, and USB ports. Peripheral functions include six 32-bit timers, a clock, 66 general-purpose I/O pins, a pulse train engine, and a 10-bit analogue/digital converter which runs at 7.8ksample/s.

The MAX32631 adds a trust protection unit that is said to enable advanced hardware encryption and authentication features, providing customers with a complete security toolbox to protect IP, algorithms, and user data.

Additional features:

  • Fast Cortex-M4F 32-bit MCU core with floating-point unit
  • Temperatures ranging from -20 to 85°C
  • 4.37 × 4.37mm 100-ball WLP package

Peggy Lee


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