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TI claims lowest power Cortex-M4F based MCUs

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8 years ago

TI claims lowest power Cortex-M4F based MCUs

Texas Instruments has launched an MCU range based on ARM's Cortex-M4F core. The MSP432 range is said to optimise performance without compromising power. According to the company, the MCUs consume 95µA/MHz in active mode and 850nA in standby.

The MSP432 MCUs are said by TI to achieve a score of 167.4 on the ULPBench test – better than any other M3 or M4F based MCU on the market.

An integrated DC/DC optimises power efficiency at high speed, while an integrated LDO reduces overall system cost and design complexity. In addition, a 14bit A/D converter consumes 375µA at 1Msample/s.

Running at up to 48MHz, MSP432 MCUs include a selectable RAM retention feature that provides power to each of the eight RAM banks needed for an operation, allowing overall system power to be reduced by 30nA per bank. The parts can operate from a supply in the range from 1.62V to 3.7V.

Two devices are available initially, with 128 and 256kbyte of dual bank flash and 32 and 64kbyte of RAM respectively. whilst an AES256 hardware encryption accelerator enables device and data to be secured.

The company has also launched support tools, including the MSP-TS432PZ100 target board and the MSP-EXP432P401R LaunchPad rapid prototyping kit, pictured.

Graham Pitcher


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