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Detection Technology rolls out X-Scan C

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4 years ago

Detection Technology rolls out X-Scan C to trim time-to-market and costs of industrial X-rays

Detection Technology, a global leader in X-ray detector solutions, today rolled out the X-Scan C series to trim down time-to-market and total costs of industrial X-ray imaging systems. The X-Scan C is a product family of robust and reliable X-ray line cameras. The series is a perfect fit for the quality control, sorting, and grading of various goods in very harsh and demanding industrial environments, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries with high quality and throughput time requirements.

“We are proud to announce the application-optimized X-Scan C series to enhance X-ray deployment in extreme industrial conditions. In our view, it is a one-of-a-kind in its target segments. The X-Scan C is the only plug-and-play-type, IP67 water-resistant, line-scan detector series,” says Jussi Laurila, Product Manager at Detection Technology.

“X-Scan C is equipped with slim mechanics and a built-in control unit. This standalone detector series enables easy X-ray system configurations, streamlines system designs, and minimizes the number of components for speeding up time-to-market and delivering total cost savings for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and system integrators.”

Detection Technology X-Scan C X-ray line camera series

Detection Technology X-Scan C X-ray line camera series


The series utilizes a secure GigE interface for improved data and control communication, and is well protected against electrical interference. The X-Scan C comes with fast and sensitive scintillators enabling high image quality. The image quality is further boosted by pixel discontinuity correction and pixel binning functions embedded in the linear array detectors.

“These key features help to provide edgeless images, as well as balance the resolution and contrast of X-ray images. This is highly valued in applications that seek both high image quality and screening speed to secure safety of mass-produced consumer goods. In addition to food and medicine inspection, X-Scan C boosts quality control and brand protection in versatile use cases. For example, X-Scan C brings value to the garment and laundry industries by unveiling foreign objects that might be an unpleasant surprise to a consumer, or might break costly machines,” explains Jussi Laurila.

The plug-and-play-type X-Scan C is built on a modular, digital platform, making it easily scalable to various system configurations. Several different detector lengths are available to cover a wide range of conveyor belt widths and object sizes to be inspected with a single line camera. X-Scan C is mechanically compatible with the previous product generation.