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Pre-Tilted Gyro-Sensor for In-Dash Navigation Systems

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15 years ago

Pre-Tilted Gyro-Sensor for In-Dash Navigation Systems

Epson Toyocom has developed a pre-tilted gyro-sensor that can be installed in car navigation systems. As the latest addition to the XV-8000 series, the XV-8000LK is ideal for dead reckoning, a method used in car navigation to determine position. The sensor is assembled with a pre-tilt angle in the package. This pre-tilt offers greater flexibility in determining the installation angle. The XV-8000LK is available in two types. One type has a tilt angle of 10 degrees, and the other has a tilt angle of 20 degrees.


     form factor: 6.0 x 4.8 x 3.3 mm
     stable output with built-in crystal gyro elements and temperature compensation circuit
     pre-tilt ngles: 10 & 20 degrees
     shock and vibration resistance; ideal for automobile applications
     thermal sensor output terminal enabling system temperature compensation
     airtight structure provides excellent environmental resistance

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