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Archive : August 2017 год

PXI remote control module augments portfolio of low-cost PXI controllers
13.08.2017 - 23:03
National Instruments (NI) has unveiled the PXIe-8301 remote control module, the industry’s first solution for laptop control of PXI systems using Thunderbolt 3.The PXIe-8301 offers PCI Express Gen 3 connectivity through two Thunderbolt 3 ports to maximise performance and can deliver up to 2.3 GB/s of sustained data throughput. Engineers c...
Enterprise-Class SSDs come with 64-Layer 3D Flash Memory
13.08.2017 - 22:49
Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced the development of two new flagship enterprise solid state drive (SSD) solutions, the TMC PM5 12Gbit/s SAS series and the CM5 NVM Express (NVMe) series.Both product lines are built with TMC’s latest 64 layer, 3-bit-per-cell enterprise-class TLC (triple-level cell) BiCS FLASH, making it possible for...

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