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AMP consortium adds another power standard

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8 years ago

AMP consortium adds another power standard

Building on the four standards it published at electronica in November 2014, the Architects of Modern Power (AMP) consortium has announced a further standard aimed at establishing common mechanical and electrical specifications for the development of advanced power conversion technology for distributed power systems.

Called teraAMP, the standard has been designed for non isolated digital point of load (POL) DC/DC converters and is said by the AMP group to extend the current range from 90 to 120A.

The consortium was unveiled in October 2014 (click here for more) by founder members CUI, Ericsson Power Modules and Murata Power Solutions. The three said the move was made for a number of reasons, including supply chain security, customer choice and to accelerate innovation.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Mark Adams from CUI said: "The teraAMP standard is the next step in high density, high complexity power design support. "As chip architectures continue to reduce and on board power requirements increase, it is imperative that the power industry keeps pace by providing high current density solutions at the point of load."

The teraAMP standard adds to the microAMP and megaAMP standards for digital POLs that covered 20 to 25A and 40 to 50A designs respectively.

AMP has also defined two standards for advanced bus DC/DC converters: ABC-ebAMP relates to advanced bus bricks measuring 58 x 23mm and ranging from 264 to 300W; while ABC-qbAMP covers quarter brick supplies with outputs ranging from 420 to 468W.

Products based on the teraAMP standard are expected to be announced at APEC 2015.

Graham Pitcher


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