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WiGig chipset to deliver 7Gbit/s using beam forming and antenna diversity

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8 years ago

WiGig chipset to deliver 7Gbit/s using beam forming and antenna diversity

Millimetre wave communications developer SiBeam has released the SB6501 and SB6510 UltraGig network processor and RF transceiver chipset. The IEEE802.11ad compliant chipset delivers up to 7Gbit/s in devices such as smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks, access points and wireless docks.

UltraGig is said to take advantage of advanced beam forming technology and an antenna diversity architecture supporting single or dual-antenna arrays.

Antenna diversity, says the company, provides RF placement flexibility, while enhancing system RF robustness. Its small form factor supports a wide range of product designs and represents an optimized solution between power efficiency, bandwidth and cost.

"As consumer demand for wireless data and video continues to grow, 802.11ad in the 60GHz spectrum delivers the much needed network capacity, making it a viable extension to the congested 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi spectrum," said SiBeam's president Khurram Sheikh. "Our SB6501 and SB6510 UltraGig chipset expands our millimetre wave expertise and product portfolio to meet the demand for multi gigabit wireless data and video connectivity."

Graham Pitcher


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