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Cyber security for connected cars

Electronics News
5 years ago

Cyber security solution for connected cars

A partnership between Panasonic and Trend Micro has formed with a view to develop a cyber security solution to detect and prevent cyber-attacks against autonomous and connected cars.

The duo aim to create a solution that will prevent intrusions into Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and in-vehicle infotainment devices (IVI).

This partnership will leverage Panasonic's Control Area Network intrusion detection prevention technology, which will aim to detect unauthorised commands sent to ECUs. It will also utilise Trend Micro’s IoT security, which will be implemented on IVI devices to detect attacks that seek to exploit vulnerabilities through the Internet. The idea is that events will be identified by both technologies and then collected and sent to an analysis platform in the Cloud to detect and block suspicious traffic.

The duo aims to launch commercially after 2020.

Bethan Grylls


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