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15 years ago

Powertrain control MCU features high-speed flash memory

Renesas Technology Europe announced the SH72531, a 32-bit MCU designed for powertrain control of automobile engines and transmissions. The device features a operation of up to 120 MHz and 1.25 megabytes of on-chip high-speed flash memory.
The SH72531 is built around the SH-2A high-performance 32-bit CPU core and uses a 90-nanometer (nm) process node. It achieves a processing performance of 240 million instructions per second (MIPS) when operating at 120 MHz. This enables fine-grained and sophisticated real-time control of engine or transmission systems. It supports 120 MHz operation at temperatures up to 125°C, something that is difficult to achieve in a Flash MCU while power consumption is 350 mW or less.

Built around the same SH-2A CPU core as the earlier SH72544R, it provides a subset of the peripheral functions of the SH72544R. This means that software developed for the SH72544R can be reused when developing systems incorporating the SH72531, reducing the development time required. The E10A-USB on-chip debugging emulator is available as a development tool.