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High temperature masking tapes for PCB assembly

Electronics News
15 years ago

High temperature masking tapes for PCB assembly

3M has announced adhesive tapes designed for high temperature applications. All the tapes can withstand up to 260 degrees centigrade without any impairment. Target applications include protection when soldering during printed circuit board manufacture.

There are also several tapes using an innovative backing that is designed to dissipate static, or to produce extremely low static charge during the un-wind and removal process. As well as masking or protecting surfaces during soldering processes, certain tapes within the range are water-soluble, so that they dissolve during the final cleaning process, leaving no residue. Other tapes contain acrylic, a non-silicone adhesive in environments where there are concerns about silicone contamination.

 Some tapes are provided with a special liner to make them suitable for die-cutting to specified shapes. Since the tapes are based on polyimide film and do not contain lead, they are compliant with RoHS regulations. The range also includes tape designed specifically for cleanroom applications. All tapes are wound on to a plastic core.