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MCUs for automotive radar systems

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7 years ago

MCUs for automotive radar systems

Renesas Electronics has unveiled a series of MCUs intended for use with automotive radar systems. The RH850 based parts are said by the company to deliver the performance and features required for future advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving vehicles.

Looking to address a range of needs, Renesas has launched the RH850/V1R-M MCU. The part includes an optimised DSP, a dual core running at 320MHz, 2Mbyte of flash and 2Mbyte of RAM. It is also said to meet the industry’s highest temperature requirements, with a junction temperature of 150°C.

The DSP performs radar specific algorithms, such as fast Fourier transforms, beamforming, windowing, channel calibration and peak search. These are accomplised at high speed and with low power consumption.

The MCU features two G3MH CPU cores operating at 320MHz, said to be the highest performing cores in the RH850 Family. The G3MH has two seven stage integer pipelines, allowing execution of two instructions simultaneously. Each core has a performance of 3.2DMIPS/MHz.

Targeted at Renesas’ 40nm embedded flash process technology, samples will be available in the second half of 2017 and mass production is scheduled to begin in November 2018.

Graham Pitcher


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