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SMIC adopts HFSS-based library from Ansoft - RadioRadar

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15 years ago

SMIC adopts HFSS-based library from Ansoft

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), a semiconductor foundry, announced its commitment to Ansoft Corporation's HFSS simulation technology for S-parameter extraction, frequency-dependent SPICE model extraction and EMI prediction. SMIC's adoption of HFSS extends its RF CMOS design capabilities and provides a proven platform on which to build accurate and traceable on-chip model libraries. SMIC will use HFSS to provide a unique library of complex, high-speed and high-frequency passive structures for accurate, next-generation designs traceable to the foundry. In addition, SMIC is investigating new design flows that link process-accurate models of critical, multi-port structures with advanced circuit and system simulation.

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