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15 years ago

Digital camera modules

Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has announced a line of camera modules featuring its Dynastron image sensor technology. This family of camera modules, which includes the TCM9200MD, TCM9100MD and the TCM9000MD, were developed using Toshiba’s chip scale camera module (CSCM) manufacturing technology and are the first to use through chip via (TCV) technology. CSCM allows mounting and assembly of camera module components during Toshiba’s wafer manufacturing process. This delivers an approximate 64 percent reduction in module size in comparison to other modules using the same sensor.

In addition to allowing camera module components to be integrated in the wafer, Toshiba’s TCV technology uses a chip structure with built-in pass through electrodes and solder balls on the rear of the wafer. Accordingly, CSCM camera modules have tighter pixel pitch leads and require no wire bonding space, yielding a smaller overall module size. Mass production for the TCM9200MD, TCM9100MD and TCM9000MD camera modules is planned for January, February and June 2008 respectively.

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