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0A2WA-Reliable Cold Cathode Gas Diode

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Описание:Reliable Cold Cathode Gas Diode
Подробное описание:

The 0A2WA is a cold cathode, gas-filled diode of miniature construction designed for reliable service as a voltage regulator. It has an operating current range of 5 to 30 milliamperes over which it maintains a substantially constant operating voltage of 150 volts. Three cathode pins are provided which may be used to disconnect the load when the tube is removed from the socket. This type is characterized by long life and it is designed for service where severe conditions of high temperature and mechanical shock or vibration are encountered.

Reliable Cold Cathode Gas Diode


ENVELOPE : T -5 Yi Glass

BASE : Miniature Button 7-Pin


Pin 1    Ancxfe    Pin    5    Anode

Pin 2    Cathode    Pin    6    Internal Connection

Pin 3    Internal Connection    Pin    7    Cathode

Pin 4    Cathode


Maximum Impact Acceleration (Shock Test-Note 2)    900    G

Maximum Vibrational Acceleration (96 Hour Fatigue    Test-Note 31    2.5    G

Maximum Bulb Temperature    150    °G



A warm up period of 3 minutes should be allowed each time the equipment is turned on in order to insure minimum voltage drift. After this time the bulb temperature should have reached its equilibrium* level.

Attention should be g iven to the specified minimum supply voltage to insure operation in the darkness.

A series resistor must always be used with the OA2WA. The resistance value must be chosen so the maximum current is not exceeded at the highest anode - supply voltage and so that the minimum current rating is always exceeded at the lowest anode • supply voltage.
When a shunt capacitor is used its maximum value should be limited to 0.1 /if. A larger value may cause the tube to oscillate and thus give unstable performance.

Spec ial attention should be g iven to the bulb temperature of the tubes. Reliabi I it у will be severely impaired if the maximum bulb temperature is exceeded.

Tube characteristics may deteriorate markedly if the tubes are stored at elevated ambient temperatures without drawing current.

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