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Technology breakthrough claimed by flexible electronics specialist
29.05.2015 - 23:50

Flexible electronics specialist FlexEnable says it has made a technology breakthrough which makes the manufacture of glass free LCDs practical and cost effective. Supporting the development, the company will demonstrate a full colour conformal in plane switching organic LCD at the forthcoming SID event in San Jose. It adds the display is light, ...

Freescale expands apps processor portfolio
29.05.2015 - 23:47

Freescale has unveiled three additions to its i.MX 6 application processor portfolio, claiming the new parts offer higher levels of security, performance and power management, while optimising the system bill of materials. The i.MX 6DualPlus and i.MX 6QuadPlus devices are said by the company to deliver 'dramatic' graphics and memory p...

NXP sells RF power business to fund Freescale acquisition
29.05.2015 - 23:43

NXP is selling its RF power business to Chinese company Jianguang Asset Management for $1.8bn in a move which will help to fund NXP's acquisition of Freescale. Under the agreement, Jianguang – also known as JAC Capital – will not only acquire NXP's RF power business, but also some 2000 NXP employees, including the complete...

Avago buys Broadcom for $37billion
28.05.2015 - 23:19

Avago is buying Broadcom for $37billion in a cash and stock deal. According to Avago, the combined company will have the most diversified communications offering available and, with annual revenues of approximately $15bn, will be the top 10 semiconductor companies. "Today's announcement marks the combination of the unparalleled engin...

Xilinx, TSMC expect to launch 7nm devices in 2017
28.05.2015 - 23:15

Xilinx is working with TSMC on the development of products based on the latter's 7nm process technology. It says it expects these devices to be introduced some time in 2017. "TSMC has been the foundation of our success at 28nm, 20nm and 16nm – what we call our 3Peat," said Moshe Gavrielov, Xilinx' president and CEO. &q...

Mentor says new approach 'revolutionises' power analysis
28.05.2015 - 23:11

While FinFET technology has helped to keep leakage under control as process dimensions shrink, dynamic power consumption remains a major concern. Looking to provide system designers with a better way to explore dynamic power consumption, Mentor Graphics has released the Veloce Power Application software, said to enable accurate, timely and ef...

Wooden semiconductors could help to recycle electronic products
27.05.2015 - 16:31

In an effort said to be aimed at alleviating the environmental burden posed by electronic devices, a team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison has worked with the US Department of Agriculture's Forest Products Laboratory (FPL) to develop a semiconductor chip made almost entirely of wood. The research team, led by UW-Mad...

Subcutaneous biosensor draws power from skin patch
27.05.2015 - 16:28

Researchers from EPFL's Integrated Systems Laboratory, working together with the organisation's Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit group, have developed a biosensor chip featuring six sensors, a control unit and a radio transmission module. According to EPFL, the biosensor chip – which would be implanted just beneath the skin &n...

Leading US chip-maker sets out its stall as it targets The Internet of Things
27.05.2015 - 16:25

According to Qualcomm's president Derek Aberle, the company is now looking to grow its presence in the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) market significantly. Speaking at an event held by Qualcomm in San Francisco, Aberle said the industry needed technology leaders with the right scale and resources if the Internet of Everything, as the...

Single molecule diode has rectification ratio of more than 250
27.05.2015 - 16:22

Researchers at Columbia University in New York say they have developed a technique that allows the creation of a single molecule diode. The team adds that its molecular diodes perform 50 times better than all prior designs.  Researchers at Columbia University in New York say they have developed a technique that allows the creation of a s...

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