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IoT gateway reference design unveiled

Freescale has launched an IoT gateway reference design, said to support applications such as building/home management, smart cities, networked industrial services, where performance and reliability are critical. 

The design is based around the company's QorIQ LS1021A processor which was announced in October 2013. According to Nick Sargologos, senior product marketing manager in the company's digital networking division, the announcement of the reference design also heralds general sampling of the processor. 

The gateway is intended to allow the attachment of IoT devices at the edge. Sargologos noted: "These devices have to connect to something. If you assume that one in 1000 of the predicted 50billion IoT devices will need a gateway for connectivity, that makes a potential market for the gateway of 50million units. 
"Looking to support this, we've developed a reference design around the LS1021A that takes advantage of its large number of serial interconnects. These are the typical interfaces to which a radio will attach." 

Using the range of I/O – including dual USB 3.0 ports, a full size SATAIII port and twin minPCIe connectors – designers can attach the radio of their choice. There is also the option of using Arduino Shields via connectors provided for the purpose. 

Designed in collaboration with TechNexion, the reference design takes advantage of the security, efficiency and virtualisation support available with the LS1021A. 

The LS1021A-IoT gateway reference design, said to be production ready, is intended to reduce design cycles and speed time to market for OEMs. Alongside the LS1021A, the solution integrates other Freescale products, including a Kinetis K20 MCU, an audio codec and CAN PHY. A software development kit is also provided.

Graham Pitcher

Source: www.newelectronics.co.uk

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