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Ion implantion could enable graphene to be grown on silicon
22.07.2015 - 22:55

Researchers from Korea University say they have used an ion implantation technique to grow graphene on wafer scale silicon substrates. "For integrating graphene into advanced silicon microelectronics, large-area graphene free of wrinkles, tears and residues must be deposited on silicon wafers at low temperatures, which cannot be achieved...

32bit delta-sigma A/D converters set to boost PLC performance
22.07.2015 - 22:52

Texas Instruments has introduced two 32bit delta-sigma A/D converters that are said to combine high resolution, low noise and integrated fault detection. This combination, the company notes, eliminates many of the performance and features trade-offs typically associated with device evaluation and selection.  The ADS1262 and ADS1263, whic...

USB Type-C devices feature smallest footprint and lowest power
22.07.2015 - 22:49

Fairchild has launched a portfolio of USB Type-C solutions that enable manufacturers to add the next generation of USB functionality to smartphones, computers, power adapters and other devices. Fairchild's USB Type-C solutions are claimed to help manufacturers develop thinner, sleeker devices that consume less system power for better energy ...

Microchip adds two PIC MCU families to its portfolio
22.07.2015 - 22:46

Microchip has announced two eight-bit families that expand its growing portfolio of PIC MCUs with Core-Independent Peripherals (CIPs). Eight-bit MCUs can be used in a broader range of applications, due to the growing number of these intelligent, interconnected CIPs that combine to perform functions autonomously, without the core. Because thes...

M2COMM joins Weightless community to develop Weightless-P
21.07.2015 - 23:37

The Weightless SIG has announced that M²Communication (M2COMM) has joined the Weightless SIG to lead a Weightless Working Group for the development of a high performance LPWAN Standard. The Weightless-P Standard is said to offer uplink and downlink capabilities to enhance quality of service, which is especially important in the industria...

3D printed 'smart cap' can sense spoiled food
20.07.2015 - 21:04

Engineers at the University of California, in collaboration with colleagues at Taiwan's National Chiao Tung University, have integrated electrical components, such as resistors, inductors, capacitors and integrated wireless electrical sensing systems into the 3D printing process. They have put the new technology to the test by printing a wir...

UltraSOC adds Tensilica support
20.07.2015 - 21:01

In a move which broadens its support for processor core debug, UltraSoC has added Cadence's Tensilica Xtensa family to its UltraDebug package. "UltraSoC has innovative technology when it comes to SoC debug," said Chris Jones, product marketing group director of the Tensilica division of the IP Group at Cadence. "Its technol...

Government to fund testing of automated vehicles
20.07.2015 - 20:58

As part of the £100million for research into intelligent mobility announced by the Chancellor in the Spring 2015 Budget, the government has launched a £20m competitive fund for collaborative research and development into driverless vehicles, along with a code of practice for testing. The measures announced by Business Secretary Sa...

Anelastic nanowires could enable stretchable electronic devices
20.07.2015 - 20:52

Researchers from North Carolina State University and Brown University have found that zinc oxide and silicon nanowires have a pronounced anelasticity. This could enable the development of stretchable, flexible wearable devices. It was found that – when bent – the nanowires would return more than 80% of the way to their original sh...

Self-powered switch range and evaluation kit simplifies design of wireless controls
20.07.2015 - 20:48

RS Components (RS) claims it is making energy-harvesting applications easier and faster to develop with the Wireless Switch Evaluation Kit and modular snap and rocker switches by Cherry. The AFIK-1002 evaluation kit is said to contain everything needed to setup wireless links using self-powered switches, and to test key parameters such as sig...

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