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Bacteria programmed to detect and treat diseases
10.07.2015 - 13:41

Researchers at MIT have unveiled a series of sensors, memory switches, and circuits that they hope to encode into common human gut bacterium. It is said these basic computing elements will allow the bacteria to sense, memorise, and respond to signals in the gut, with future applications that might include the early detection and treatment of inf...

Black arsenic phosphorus used to build FET
10.07.2015 - 13:39

Black phosphorous is emerging as a serious challenger to graphene as researchers look for materials which might replace silicon in future electronic devices. However, chemists at the Technische Universität München (TUM) have developed a semiconducting material in which individual phosphorus atoms are replaced by arsenic. And, in a coll...

Graphene film could provide more efficient cooling for silicon based electronics
10.07.2015 - 13:33

Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden have developed a method which they say allows electronics devices to be cooled efficiently using a graphene-based film with a thermal conductivity capacity four times that of copper. Professor Johan Liu's team showed a couple of years ago that graphene can have a cooling effect on...

IBM led team debuts 7nm test chips
10.07.2015 - 12:38

IBM Research, in association with Globalfoundries and Samsung at SUNY Polytechnic Institute's Colleges of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (SUNY Poly CNSE), has produced the first 7nm test chips with functioning transistors. The achievement is a product of IBM's $3billion five-year investment in R&D, announced in 2014. With progr...

Joint lab to research radiation effects and device reliability
10.07.2015 - 12:35

Building on their previous collaborations, STMicroelectronics and the French Institute of Materials, Microelectronics and Nanosciences have announced the launch of a joint research laboratory to develop the next generations of high-reliability, ultra miniature electronic components. Called the Radiation Effects and Electrical Reliability (REE...

QTC technology enables pressure sensitive 'joysticks' on smartphone case
10.07.2015 - 12:32

Peratech has announced that its Quantum Tunnelling Composite (QTC) pressure-sensitive sensors have been incorporated into Flitchio, a smartphone case with built-in game controller. QTC is a screen printable polymer which changes its electrical resistance with applied force. Instead of having control interfaces on the screen that obscure the s...

Distribution deal adds LED cooling solutions to Abacus' portfolio
10.07.2015 - 12:29

Avnet Abacus has signed a pan European distribution agreement with Taiwan-based MechaTronix, a developer of LED cooling solutions. According to Abacus, thermal management is now a critical factor within LED fixtures and MechaTronix' range of LED coolers can provide passive or active heat dissipation for LEDs rated at up to 8000 lumen. ...

Motion tracking modules for volume apps
10.07.2015 - 12:25

Motion tracking technology specialist Xsens has released a series of self-contained 3D motion tracking modules for high volume industrial and 'prosumer' applications. The parts are said to be suitable for use in attitude and heading reference systems, vertical reference units and inertial measurement units The MTi 1-series is said to ...

Nordic products now distributed by Silica
10.07.2015 - 12:22

Silica has signed a distribution agreement with Nordic Semiconductor. The agreement authorises Silica to sell and support the full range of ultra low power wireless solutions available from Nordic across Europe. "We are excited to be partnering with Silica for our distribution across Europe. The technical and sales support they will offe...

Gartner cuts market growth forecast as demand for semiconductors slows
10.07.2015 - 11:59

Sales of semiconductors will reach $348billion in 2015, according to Gartner. While this represents a 2.2% increase over 2014, the market researcher has cut its previous forecast of 4% growth due to what it calls 'softness in key electronic segments'. "The outlook for the major applications that drive the semiconductor market, in...

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