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Crossbar signs RRAM manufacturing, development deal with SMIC
14.03.2016 - 17:01

Chinese foundry SMIC has signed a strategic partnership with resistive RAM developer Crossbar that will focus on the development and production of RRAM technology. Under the deal, the partners will provide customers with RRAM blocks based on SMIC’s 40nm CMOS process, a move that will enable the technology to be integrated into into MCUs...

Silicon photonic IC features four lasers
13.03.2016 - 22:43

The MAOP-L284CN from MACOM is a silicon photonic integrated circuit featuring four high bandwidth Mach-Zehnder modulators integrated with four lasers operating at 1270, 1290, 1310 and 1330nm. The device also features a CWDM multiplexer and each channel is said to operate at data rates of up to 28Gbit/s. Called an L-PIC – laser photonic ...

Self-actuated origami-based material can be both stiff and pliable
13.03.2016 - 22:31

Harvard researchers have designed a foldable material that they say can change size, volume and shape while being versatile, tunable and self actuated. The material is said to be able to fold flat to withstand the weight of an elephant without breaking, and pop right back up to prepare for the next task. The structure is inspired by an origam...

IGBTs minimise power loss in power conversion systems
12.03.2016 - 22:27

Renesas has announced six new products in the 8th-generation G8H Series of its insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) lineup. The IGBTs are rated at 650V/40, 50, and 75A, and at 1250V/25, 40, and 75A, they are available in TO-247 packages and are claimed to minimise conversion losses in power conditioners for solar power generation systems and...

Flexible PCB antennas for 3G mobile devices
12.03.2016 - 22:24

Two flexible PCB antennas from Antenova are intended for use in what the company says is the fast moving 3G mobile device market. Both antennas support the GSM850, GSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900 and WCDMA2100 bands and will provide full coverage of the 3G bands in all world regions. The antennas, designed to be mounted inside a small mobile or wear...

Self-rotating graphene and boron heterostructures
11.03.2016 - 23:20

Researchers at the University of Manchester have found that they can produce perfect stacking of graphene and boron nitride layers. Furthermore, if the layers in the heterostructure were disturbed, the crystals would self-rotate back to the ideal configuration. These heterostructures can be used to create new types of transistors, solar cells or...

Secure, laser-based system to replace RF in aerospace communications
09.03.2016 - 17:49

A tracking system called HYPERION based on eye-safe lasers could enable aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and even orbiting satellites to transmit vital data to ground stations more securely, quickly and efficiently. The development of HYPERION has been made through Innovate UK’s HITEA programme: a team including the University ...

Samsung brings DSLR imaging technology to smartphones
09.03.2016 - 17:45

A 12Mpixel image sensor for smartphones from Samsung is claimed to improve the quality of mobile phone pictures. With 1.4µm pixels, the device takes advantage of Dual Pixel technology, previously applied only in digital SLR cameras. According to Samsung, the technology enables rapid autofocus and ‘premium’ image quality on mobi...

Barclays’ Eagle Labs help start-ups take flight
09.03.2016 - 17:42

Barclays is opening up branch and office space around the UK, inviting businesses and individuals to build their digital and business skills through its Eagle Labs, which the bank hopes will encourage innovation in the future of fast growth sectors, in addition to UK manufacturing and production. The bank says the Eagle Labs will provide acce...

Embedded World in brief
08.03.2016 - 23:39

This year’s Embedded World event in Nuremberg saw an increased focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) and security as development in this area is becoming more mature and the threats posed by hackers and malware is understood better. Among the announcements at Embedded World was the launch of the Visible Things platform for the developme...

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